The Lonely Vampire


HORROR:  In 1578, Ileana Vladislava fled Transylvania in the midst of locals eradicating vampires from the region and re-established herself in Newcastle upon Tyne. Now, a hundred years later, Ileana lives a lonely existence in the castle of Wightwick Hall. After seeing the young and beautiful Myrna Ivestar at a public library, Ileana is drawn to her, feeling that something sets her apart from everyone else. Ileana takes a risk and turns Myrna into a vampire. Then there is Claymore, a grudge-bearing werewolf who hunts vampires. With the impending threat against the vampires, the war between good and evil finds a new battlefield in Newcastle upon Tyne.

A surprisingly quick read despite its almost 400 pages, “The Lonely Vampire” is a simple story about companionship and self-discovery. The plot follows Ileana and Myrna, two women whose lives are missing something, and stays fairly straightforward for the duration of the novel. Despite its slow pace and feel that nothing ever truly happens, its soft, calm tone and ending leaves the reader feeling content. The POV switches between characters, with Myrna’s being first-person and secondary characters in the third. While this allows for a more in-depth understanding of the narrative as a whole, it can be jarring and upset the flow of the story. The writing style is also uncomplicated and direct with much telling and light on dialogue. That being said, the characters and their situations are oddly relatable, barring the whole vampire aspect.  Overall, “The Lonely Vampire” is a satisfying story about intimacy without being overly sexual and staying true to the classic vampire lore fans have always appreciated. 

Arec Rain