Liable to Bite: Wolves of Furpocalypse


Single mom Lisa Sommers was on a journey of self-discovery when the werewolf bit her. A year later and she’s still on that journey...only now she has to understand what being a werewolf actually means. For the most part, she’s decided to ignore that part of her life. When a dark threat begins stalking her daughter, Lisa is now singing a different tune. But is it too late to learn how to use her new abilities to protect herself? That’s when she crosses paths with Were Enforcement Bureau agent Phil Gorman. As a WEB agent, Phil’s job is working a case to protect the werewolf population from being exploited. With agency budget cuts and politics ruining his progress, he’s left with a tough decision to make. Trust the humans, or go back to the old way of doing things.

“Liable to Bite” is a steamy mix of suspense, paranormal, and wit, all measured in perfect amounts. In the main character, Lisa, Ms. Tate has created a leading lady that is easy to get behind. She’s sassy, and driven, yet lets readers into her vulnerabilities. Most readers will find her relatable, along with the obstacles she faces as a single mother trying to keep control over her new werewolf condition. The book is full of sizzling romance, with a build of tension that’s released in a way that does not disappoint! Overall, this book is heartfelt, fast paced, and well balanced in every creative aspect. Fans of paranormal romance and shifters will absolutely love this series!

Chelsea Andersen