A Kiss and a Dare

All Gareen McTaggart ever wanted was a castle. His dream has flourished as he’s worked to renovate the castle Ddraig in Wales, but his life becomes more complicated due to a frog, a dragonfly and a newt residing in the bog near the castle. After a fall, Gareen wakes to discover a frog has kissed him and is now a beautiful woman. Not much for magic, Gareen believes she is just an addled wanderer who can stay at the castle and recover. Struggling to keep the renovation work moving along on time, Gareen realizes he has a saboteur who keeps messing with his machinery and finding other ways to delay work. On top of that, his fiancée and her mother arrive unexpectedly, adding to his daily—and nightly—woes!
Though “A Kiss and a Dare” has an air of medieval times, it is nonetheless a contemporary story. Readers will find themselves in a world of magic and mayhem. When the enchanted frog who is Gwenlyn is given a job at the castle by Gareen’s adoptive father, Gareen must see her every day and fight his growing desire for her, especially when his fiancée arrives. The tension grows as the mystery unfolds about an ancient curse. Adding to that trouble is the fact that his mother-in-law-to-be has a distinct dislike for Gwenlyn, and Gareen doesn’t know why. Books that mix magic with contemporary life always add a nice spark to reading lists. With the fun addition of the ancient language of Wales and the magic of an old curse, this book provides endless entertainment. It gives a whole new meaning to kissing the frog!
Leah Neale