How To Date A Fury

All Dottie wants is a night on the town, to have some fun and let loose. Sadly it doesn’t quite work out like that. First of all she sees her ex who disappeared on her a decade previously, then she’s murdered. But thanks to her ex, she is brought back as a fury. Chase loves Dottie, and he can’t live in a world without her in it. He makes a blood oath to bring her back, but coming back isn’t exactly a walk in the park. Chase claims she’s his fated mate, and she has to find the individual who killed her and take part in a roller derby tournament. Sounds simple? Yeah right. Will Dottie be able to bring all the pieces together as well as the pieces of her heart that was broken by Chase all those years ago? There is a lot riding on the roller derby fate who is trying her best.
Dottie is a fantastic character who has a journey where she comes into her own. Immediately, she wants nothing to do with Chase after what he did, but things change and he is the one who helps her. romance and mystery, there is a little for everyone. Chase is one sexy as sin lion shifter who wants to win back the heart of the woman he loves. Set in Syn City which is a pretty fitting name, there are angels and devils all around. “How To Date A Fury” is a great read and one that fans of the genre will love. An awesome start to the series.
Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick