Honorable Rogue (Blood Rogue Book 2)


Hunter was a Roman gladiator and slave, who suffered both physically and mentally as a human. He was forced to fight and do unthinkable things. Now he is a vampire hunter who is at his friends’ Stacy and Charles’ wedding. Hunter is being pursued by a former master for revenge, who is also making rogue vampires. Dr. Victoria Robert is the best friend of Stacy, who lost everything due to a home invasion. She has been unable to move forward with her life and has been trying to find the men who took everything from her. When Hunter and Victoria meet the first time, they connect through their pain and heartache, and he follows her, unknowingly putting her in danger.

“Honorable Rogue” is a dark paranormal vampire romance that the reader will not be able to put down! One will be pulled into the story from the very first page, and held fast until the end. This is not your typical vampire story. There is so much more to this story as it dwells on human nature, and shares details about slavery during Hunter’s time. One will connect with the main characters, Hunter and Victoria, who are so much alike, both having experienced extreme pain and heartache. This is a fast, suspenseful read, with plenty of romance and will have the reader on the edge of one’s seat, figuring out what is going to happen next. Linda Parisi has created a very enthralling world, filled with plenty of twists and turns. One should read the first book in the series in order to get a better understanding of this world, although this can be read as a standalone. Frightful fun!

Victoria Zumbrum