Highland Dragon (The Treasure of Paragon Book 6)


From bartender to baby dragon egg protector, Avery Tanglewood's life has taken quite a turn since her sister mated with a Paragon dragon-shifter. When she's asked to enter a sealed world to seek out Xavier, another dragon and bring him back to fight along with his siblings, she agrees. Avery needs to find her path in life, the sister who has lived for others, the one who possesses no magic. But life never goes according to plan. Xavier is prisoner of a fairy, and it will take ingenuity to help him escape. Xavier doesn't know what to make of the intriguing, spirited woman who rescues him. She sets his blood on fire and calls to the dragon inside him. But Avery isn't willing to be his mate and live in a world out of time, while Xavier owes his people his protection. Yet, when Xavier's life is at stake, Avery realizes everything she's ever wanted lies in the arms of her Highland dragon.

"Highland Dragon" soars with romance, fantasy, suspense, and two headstrong characters who will capture readers’ hearts! Avery shines as a young woman striving to forge her own path in life. Her journey from bartender to warrior woman will make readers cheer. Xavier is her perfect match, a protector who must face his own shortcomings before he can be the man Avery needs. Although this is book 6 in a series, the author weaves the background in appropriately to keep events clear. The overarching arc of a dragon and fairy war adds superb tension. "Highland Dragon" will have fans rushing to buy previous books in the series or breathlessly anticipating the final installments!

Tricia Hill