Hidden Gypsy Magic (A Witch’s Journey Book 3)


MYSTERY:  Gwen Taylor’s life revolves around the Salem Wildlife Sanctuary she owns and runs. Having recently learned that some of her abilities to help the animals are amplified by her natural magic, yet living in Salem still holds difficulties for those with magical leanings. And magical talent isn’t always enough to save the creatures that cross her path. Veterinarian Brock Scutter has recently expanded his practice to include care of wildlife, which means he is spending more time, both professionally and personally with Gwen. When they tour a house that Brock is thinking of buying, neither of them are prepared for the magic that’s about to happen, figuratively and literally, but a with a little help from their friends they are determined to figure it out.

Readers looking for a new take on an old, haunted house tale should pick this up immediately. A new spin on old magic, this gives a whole new perspective on choosing a home. Using the house as a living embodiment of magic isn’t completely new, but it is rare, and it works extremely well in this story. The only downside is that with this being book three in the series, it does feel like new readers are missing out on some information that seems to be common knowledge. Although some previous installments are touched upon, it does leave a new reader with questions. That aside, the story evolving in this book is complete and definitely worth picking up and would probably be a five-star read for regular readers familiar with the characters. 

Melanie Newton