Hex, Love, and Rock & Roll – Coven Daughters, Book 1


Seeking a witch for a money spell is proof that impulsive Helen has reached rock bottom. She’s disappointed when said witch informs Helen she’s a witch herself, gives her some crystals, a grimoire of spells, and sends her away to solve her own problems. Brian, aging rock star of Helen's favorite band, wants to move into the executive branch of the music industry. Unfortunately, Helen places a hex on him when she casts her first spell. He also has a secret coven-member manager with label connections who intends to possess and use him as a conduit to fame and fortune. Helen and Brian have to work together to thwart a demon and explore the magic of love.

"Hex, Love and Rock & Roll" is a dippy trip of witchcraft, sex, love, and rock & roll! Readers may need to call on the spirits to divine the tale about soulmates fighting for the magic of true love. The forays into self-discovery and witchcraft’s principles slows the pacing to a snail’s crawl in almost every chapter. If it wasn't for narratives by a band mate and a groupie yoga student, most of the plot would be lost in translation. However, if readers can manage to shimmy around enlightenment, the main storyline may be deemed a hit. A story including a strained friendship, a conniving doppelgänger, a demon possession, and a temperamental teenager are just a few discordant notes requiring some fine tuning before Helen and Brian can harmonize on their duet of fiery passion. Ms. Kat Turner displays a vivid imagination, touches of humor, and talented storytelling skills in this crafty tale of magic and romance.

Tonya Mathenia