Hellfire and Honey (Eternal Alliances Book 1)


Witch Princess Salvatore “Sal” Astor has been at war with the vampires most of her life. Sal’s first Seneschal, Zavier, notices that Sal doesn’t have the soldiers to even combat the fiends. Sal has no choice but to admit defeat and surrender to her greatest enemy, King Kadence Kendrick of Vari Kolum. When Sal gets to Kadence’s camp, he insults the witches, takes everything from them and makes Sal a mockery to her people, who really don’t respect her for bowing to him. Lastly, Kadence has Sal bind her magic to him. As Sal does her best to be a good ruler, multitudes of people, from her own parents to even Kadence, want her dead. One problem, though, is that both Kadence and Sal feel strong emotions for each other. Unfortunately, the love they feel for each other could also demolish them both.

A truly spectacular and fantastical paranormal love story between witches and vampires! “Hellfire and Honey” is a magnificent start to a fabulous series! It is truly a harrowing, turbulent ride that takes readers on an amazing adventure! Sal is just an extraordinary protagonist! She’s caring, compassionate and loves deeply even though she is a strong warrior. She is willing to give up everything for the village, even though no one seems to like her. Readers still find her captivating! Kadence, the reticent, taciturn hero, is not an easy guy to like, yet he still manages to be alluring somehow. The suspenseful plot twists, fabulous world building and wonderful characterizations keep the book fresh and thrilling. Honestly, a magnificent page-turner until the very end!

Roslynn Ernst