Hell Bent (Jinx McGee Book 2)

D. B. Sieders

Demon hunter, Jinx McGee, was recently killed, sort of, in an unearthly battle where seven Master Demons escaped from Hell. Her teammates, many of whom are demon refugees, saved her by gifting her pieces of their own demon essences. Now Jinx uniquely embodies the power of three realms: human, demon, and celestial (from her deadbeat dad.) Team leader, Trinity, keeps trying to bench Jinx until she gets back into full fighting form, but mischief finds Jinx anyway. She and her team face off against Master Demon, Belphegor, who has found a way to steal soul energy from innocent humans and lesser demons to create a weapon that can free her demon boss, Belial. Jinx wants to end this war. To do this, she’ll need to make amends with her childhood best friend and ex-lover, Demoriel, recently revealed as the son of Belial himself!

“Hell Bent” is a paranormal enthusiast’s delight! Jinx has an adorable, stubborn, tough-girl wit. She’s driven to succeed and loves looking for loopholes in Trinity’s dictums so that she can stay in the game. Jinx also wants to hold onto her grudge against Demoriel for hiding his heritage from her, but melts like butter on a hot chicken platter when he gifts her a tiny black fluffball. The fluffball turns out to be a demon kitty with wings, who Jinx names Sully, for Sulphur McGee. Sully not only doubles as an emotional support kitty and bodyguard –she steals every single scene! The entire cast of this action driven adventure is so bursting with charm that readers will want to catch up on the first book and impatiently anticipate the next!


Joan Lai