Hearts of Prey


Shaka and Rena are best friends and have been since meeting in the second grade. Each has matured and always present as allies. They bicker and fight, however they always have the other’s back, and respect the unspoken of which neither shares with the other. When a new suitor, Adrian, comes along and shows interest in Shaka, suspicions arise as she connects with other shifters in her hometown in Minnesota. When the hunt is on, Shaka is unsure she should trust anyone and unsure how to move forward. There are lives at stake and she is most vulnerable and eligible to help. There is a crazy scientist who is kidnapping shifters and studying them…not as humans. Can Shaka save the others or will she be locked up alongside of them and totally helpless?

Clear your schedule! Readers of this novel will be unavailable until this entire book is finished! Ms. Shultz has penned an entertaining and suspenseful work in “Hearts of Prey”. This enticing story grows with every howl and deceptive thought. What lacks in romance is made up in science and creative subject matter. The characters are well drawn but they also leave readers with some unanswered questions, possibly leaving room for a sequel. Shaka our heroine is easy to love, her independent attitude is true to her being. Her BFF Rena is a curious add, she’s very hot and cold throughout the tale (not your typical bf personality). Adrian and Winston are the heroes in a complete opposite stance. The unity, family bond, and love of nature anchor this story to the beauty of human and animals coexisting domestic or wild.

Viola Robins