When billionaire businessman Riley Brockton walks into Charlee’s coffee shop one morning, the only word that comes to her mind is “impervious”. Just being near Riley causes electricity to surge through Charlee’s body. Shapeshifter Riley immediately recognizes Charlee as his lioness and wants nothing more than to tell her, but fear of rejection keeps his secret locked deep inside. When Charlee decides to run for city council to shut down the fracking industry happening in their own town, Riley is her biggest supporter. With a reporter snooping around to dig up dirt on both Charlee and Riley, it’s only a matter of time before a wedge, in the form of secrets, comes bursting to the surface. 

“Heartquake” is a captivating, page-turner of a novel! Clawing their way into readers’ hearts, Riley and Charlee are both amazing and complex characters. The each have their own stories that uniquely intertwine. With quite a bit of environmental turmoil spread throughout, this story feels real and authentic, with descriptions that will draw the reader in. The delightfully quirky, but intelligent townsfolk only seek to further Charlee’s endeavor, sealing for themselves a solid place in the reader’s heart. The plot holds water until the end when it almost too conveniently is wrapped up in a cute little packaged ending which is hardly realistic. While not a hot and heavy romance, the slow, methodical build allows both protagonists to realize their true feelings for each other. Overall, a fantastic novel that the author should truly take pride in!

Marie Sanderson