Heart of Vengeance (Alice Worth Book 6)


Alice Worth, private mage investigator is back. This time, a debt to the Vampire Court requires her to go on a quest to retrieve a stolen item and the thief who took it. With her trusty sidekick ghost by her side, she sets off to unknown lands where she collects a motley crew of characters to guide her and fight by her side. Unable to use her earth and air magic, she's increasingly forced to depend on the dark magic now inside her. It will take every ounce of ingenuity, perseverance and power to make it back home alive. But even in the arms of her lover and protected by her pack, enemies lurk about and Alice may have to make the ultimate sacrifice to keep those she loves safe forever.

Lisa Edmonds does it again with another outstanding entry in the Alice Worth series! "Heart of Vengeance" is gripping from page one. Alice has plenty to deal with at home when she's suddenly off on a journey that turns her world upside down. She's in a place where her magic no longer works right, and things are both familiar and not. Her goal is clear and failing to achieve it is not an option, but Edmonds keeps the reader on the edge of the seat by constantly raising the stakes. Secondary characters Lucy and Ronan will draw readers into the story further, and based on the book's ending, are likely to appear again. "Heart of Vengeance" is a page-turner that will keep readers up all night, 

clamoring for the next adventure because this series is that good!

Tricia Hill