Heart of Lies (Alice Worth Book 7)


Private Investigator and Mage, Alice Worth, is at it again. Working to help solve unusual cases often involving the supernatural is Alice’s specialty. With her current relationship strained by the addition of her birth father staying with them, Alice struggles to find her place in the pack. When mob boss Moses Murphy, her cruel and dangerous grandfather, finds her and gives her an ultimatum, Alice must come to terms with the fact that she may lose everything she has worked for. After her new case of a missing artist drops her right into the middle of a deadly game with the dark fae, she must use every trick she has to not only make it out alive but keep all of the others involved safe as well.

Book seven in the series, “Heart of Lies” is full of shocking and thrilling twists that keeps the reader riveted from the beginning. Witches, wolves, ghosts, fae, and more are all intertwined to create a unique storyline. Readers who are not familiar with the previous books in the series may find it a little difficult to understand who is who, their relevant backgrounds, or past histories brought up throughout. This story contains multiple plots, is exceedingly long, and at times Alice seems almost selfish or childish in her decisions which feels out of character for her. The personal growth Alice shows is the best part of this story as she learns to let go of her past traumas and begins to fully trust those closest to her. A magical novel sure to leave the reader spellbound.

Marie Sanderson