Heart and Soul (Paranormal Rock Star Romance)

Karen Michelle

MYSTERY:  Rowan Beckett is an amazing singer. She has a unique style and people love listening to her. The strange thing is that she sounds a lot like a singer who disappeared thirty years before. What makes things even more peculiar is the knowledge she has about the woman. Haley Rose and her boyfriend disappeared on October 31, 1988, and were never seen again. How is it possible that Rowan Beckett can sing like her and knows things that only Haley Rose should know? Reincarnation? Is there something more sinister going on, or is she crazy?

“Heart and Soul” has a very interesting plot with a fascinating mystery to boot. There is a disappearance and the wonder of how Rowan can sing the way she does and remembers what she does. The characters are well rounded and portrayed well. However, there is a lot of telling rather than showing which really took away from getting into the mood of the story. The descriptions could have been a lot more in depth, which would have brought it to life. Despite this, it is an excellent story with varied characters. It will be interesting to see the other works from this author. It is an enjoyable read for the end of the summer, and one that fans of paranormal romance will be able to pass a few hours reading. 

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick