Heart and Seek (The Legacy #4)


What is Legacy? Is it breeding? Tradition? Diego comes from a subordinate witch family with no pedigree, and ended up losing the one woman who owned his heart. Diego “Crash” Benitas fell in love with Ruby “Cover Girl” Donovan when they were still teenagers, but Legacy, threats, and deception drove them apart. Twenty years later, their paths cross again. Leaders of powerful magical families, Senators, are plotting against one another for personal agendas within the witch world. Now a widowed Senate heir, Ruby and her precocious two-year old daughter, Rose, are targets to enemies within and without the witching hierarchy. Diego does not intend to let this opportunity pass. This time, Ruby and her daughter are his to protect, and there is no way he’ll let Legacy, intimidation, or danger tear them away from him.

“Heart and Seek” is a powerhouse of political intrigue, magical secrets, and sexy characters. There are so many layers that one needs a score sheet to keep track of the supernatural abilities, allegiances, and secret relationships. Despite the huge cast, Ruby and Diego are beautifully well developed and captivating anchors. They outwardly have so much to deal with but keep dancing around the depth of their feelings for one another. They are like magnets, constantly drawn towards each other, yet pulling away simultaneously. Every scene together is mesmerizing. For readers who love witches flexing their magical muscle, who drool over an intricate plot, and who believe that a love match should always prevail over a power match – this is it! This is a fabulous read. What will the delightfully devious Luna Joya bring us next?

Joan Lai