Healed with a Kiss (Cat’s Paw Cove Book 20)


When Brendan Redbird’s girlfriend turns out to be cheating on him, he decides to take a leave of absence from his job in the medical field to get his head on straight again. He goes to visit his (very) pregnant sister and grandmother in Cat’s Paw Cove. There he discovers many talking cats and a beautifully intriguing water nymph named Tessa. But Brendan refuses to believe in magic, though his family is steeped in it. When his sister’s health is in his hands, Brendan must learn to accept what he refuses to believe.

Sharon Buchbinder has created a fabulously unique cast of characters and circumstances for the major players of “Healed with a Kiss”. One thing is for certain, this book is never boring! The tale moves along at a snappy pace that is just about perfect. The author does a wonderful job bringing readers new to this fictional world into the fold. Unfortunately, there are small flaws scattered throughout the book that can provide some major distractions; for instance, the backstory of a character contradicting itself on a single page in addition to other similar inconsistencies. The idea of each character is a bundle of fun, but these characters rarely delve beneath the surface, relying upon external circumstances, especially magic, to keep things moving. Brendan’s relationships, especially romantic ones, are given very little substance. The whimsical world of Cat’s Paw Cove is a fun escape for readers who desire a light and fluffy respite from the real world!

Shailyn Rogers