The Haunting of Wilton June (Romantic Hauntings #2)


Botanist Jerica Toussaint is living a humble life in a cottage outside of her ancestral home when she is informed that the famous movie director, Wilton June, would like to rent the home for his new film. The problem is she hasn’t been able to keep anyone in the home for even a short period of time, let alone six months, which is what Wilton needs for the production of his film. Jerica finds this offer very tempting. Her money is slowly dwindling down, trying to maintain the home without a tenant. But can she trust Wilton June with her family secrets and the mysterious things that occur inside the home?

“The Haunting of Wilton June” is a fun, fast-paced paranormal romance that readers will find difficult to put down. The main characters have an interest in each other right away, which may leave some readers wanting the development of their relationship to be a bit slower. However, their chemistry is off the charts! Readers will get swept up in their romantic banter and quirky personalities. The character development is done well and the reader will be given the history of each of the main characters, making them more personable. The paranormal aspect of the story is light-hearted and not at all something that will make you leave the lights on. This story is enjoyable from cover to cover with its laugh out loud scenes and romantic dialogue. Readers will not be able to put down this witty and entertaining paranormal romance!

Jennifer Shepherd