The Girl Who Adored Rembrandt (Out Of Time Thriller Book 3) 



MYSTERY/HISTORICAL:  Angela Renatus is an art historian, not only that but she has a psychic gift that is about to lead her down a dangerous path with consequences not only for the now but also for the past to which her family is connected. Angela’s fiancé Alex Caine is a former Navy Seal and is not afraid of a fight, especially if that fight will protect his family. Now a private detective specializing in stolen art it would seem he is in the perfect position to help Angela out when the FBI comes calling, but there are factors at play that no one could predict. One wrong move in the past could forever ruin what they have now, but with stakes this high this is a risk they have to take. 

Navigating a time travel romance can be tricky, when one throws in actual historical figures, and a thriller, it could be a recipe for disaster, but in this case it works! There is great attention to detail, and the author does a fabulous job keeping the focus on some of the lesser known history, whilst still making it relatable to known facts about the famous artist. Filled with action and intrigue, not often something attributed to a time travel romance, the thriller subtitle is well earned. For those looking for a little more action with their romantic fiction, this is highly recommended!

Melanie Newton