Ghosts of New England: Skullery Bay

Nancy Fraser, Kathryn Hills, and
Lisa A. Olech

Three authors have come together to write this beautiful anthology that has a touch of paranormal and historical romance. These four stories follow the life and death of a pirate and his true lady love, as well as their ancestors who find love while trying to bring Fairwinds back to life like it used to be. The marvelous, to-die-for romances take place in four different centuries, along with the help of the same two lovable ghosts who have a hand in pushing couples together in Fairwinds, a New England Mansion that all the characters love and cherish.

Each story is different, with characters that the reader will be able to relate to. Each story builds on previous ones, and each couple must face an obstacle or challenge to be together. One will also find suspense, mystery, romance and even murder in some of the tales. The beautifully written characters and conflicts bring each story to life. One will enjoy the life of a pirate and his crew as they hijack other ships and steal the cargo. The reader will enjoy the chemistry and the romance between the couples and will be cheering each one on along with the ghosts. The curse that goes along with each story will bring the reader to tears when the ghosts are not able to truly be together, except during storms. It is clear that the authors have done their research for each period of time and describe the people and places beautifully. The authors used their talent and ability to engage the reader with well-written and enjoyable romances that leave the reader wanting more. The description of the New England Mansion and all the tunnels and quirks it comes with are beautifully done, and the reader will feel that the mansion is a magical place to be. The authors have added their own brand of writing to every story. The setting of the New England coast is wonderful and perfect for each story. Delightful from beginning to end!

Victoria Zumbrum