Ghosts of New England: Last Light Point

Nancy Fraser, Lisa A. Olech, Kathryn Hills, Peggy Jaeger

PARANORMAL: There is a legend at Last Light Point: Don’t look at the Gibbet, or pay the price. “The Pirate’s Promise”, by Lisa A. Olech: Everly Crowe and pirate John Beckett have found love in dangerous waters. Captain Bartholowmew Jacques holds a note over Everly’s family business, The Crowe’s Nest, and he’ll stop at nothing to keep her and John apart. “Smoke and Mirrors”, by Kathryn Hills: Morgan Blackwell runs The Crowe’s Nest, and uses every cent he earns wisely. The ghosts of the tavern unmask his servant, Will, to actually be a woman named Willow. Do the ghosts mean them harm or good? “For the Love of Grace”, by Nancy Fraser: After Grace O’Hearn’s father is murdered, she becomes the owner of The Crowe’s Nest tavern. FBI agent Max Stewart is sent there to investigate police corruption and gets more than he bargained for. “A Promise Fulfilled” by Peggy Jaeger: Daisy Morgan has just won the lottery! She decides to put her money to use by investing in the historical Crowe’s Nest Tavern. Keegan Warren is a writer wanting to do a story on the tavern. In doing so, he uncovers some family ghosts.

Four love stories, each sweeping, sensual, and satisfying from start to finish! All four stories are set in the same town over different time periods. “The Pirate’s Promise” is a detailed historical romance about Everly and John that brings readers back in time instantly. “Smoke and Mirrors” is picturesque in its descriptions, beautifully and poetically written. Willow and Morgan have a solid romance full of chemistry. This story is incredibly steamy! “For the Love of Grace” is full of action and adventure, taking readers on a wild ride with Grace and Max through the 40’s in this mystery/romance. “A Promise Fulfilled” takes readers on a character driven journey. Daisy and Keegan are strong, relatable, and easy to cheer for. As a collection, the tales can be read separately. The way they all intertwine in the small details makes this anthology a fun read with Easter eggs to spot! Overall, this is a great read for lovers of paranormal romance and also historical settings!

Chelsea Andersen