The Ghosts of Lewis Manor

THRILLER: Seraphina Addington can see the dead. What’s more disturbing? The dead are starting to see her! Amid WWII’s London bombings, Seraphina leaves the city to seek refuge at All Hallows, the country estate of family friend, General John Lewis. Leaving the war-torn capital is meant to remove Seraphina from the multitude of spirits now wandering London, but she doesn’t find the peace she seeks in the remote idyllic locale. Not one, but two ghosts haunt All Hallows. They are as challenging as they are unavoidable. Her new protector, United States Air Force Captain Ross Stewart, who is stationed in nearby Burley Mansion, tries to help Seraphina, but his easy-going flirtations attract the censure of Burley townsfolk.
“The Ghosts of Lewis Manor” is a gateway through time and otherworldly dimensions, evoking equal measures of longing, unease, and foreboding. Seraphina’s journey starts with frustrated anticipation when the All Hallows caretakers fail to meet her arrival in town, and she is unceremoniously deposited a fair hike from the manor. Relief and interest are sparked at Captain Stewart’s timely appearance to escort her the remainder of the way in the rapidly falling dusk of the dark woods surrounding All Hallows. Dread and tension seeps in as Seraphina encounters the spectres of her new home, and she learns that young women, just like herself, have either disappeared or been killed in a mystery that spans over two decades. Helping the ghosts of Lewis Manor fulfill their final purposes may take more than kindness, and failure could cost Seraphina her own life! Ideal for those who enjoy a slow-paced historical mystery with reflections on the afterlife.
Joan Lai