Ghostly Interference (The White Rune Series)


Jag Peters is a computer geek who believes in karma, one who intends to keep his slate clean. Driving home and distracted by work, he nearly wipes out a biker. He must apologize. He follows the blazing red Harley to a biker bar, the last place he feels comfortable. Inside, Jag discovers the “guy” he nearly killed is actually a girl—a mysterious, dark-haired beauty. Rena Jett is a bitter, abused loner who’s struggling with the recent loss of her only family, her brother. This Jag guy is just a superstitious weirdo, in her opinion, and she’s even more convinced when he claims he’s seeing the ghost of a soldier. Still, Jag intrigues her, and she’s attracted to him. Is it purely curiosity drawing Rena to Jag, or something deeper?

A classic “opposites attract” trope enjoys a spicy twist with the introduction of a ghost. The fast-paced beginning draws the reader in swiftly. Before long, however, the story framework shows weaknesses. Both Jag and Rena’s characters smack of cliché, albeit reversed from the norm. From there, the characterization doesn’t go deep enough. We wonder about Jag’s motives, and some of his actions don’t jive with the guy we think we know. Rena’s horrific past in foster homes makes us question how and why she so easily falls into Jag’s bed. It all happens too fast, with not enough believable buildup—insta-love. Would the appearance of her brother’s ghost really change her that much, that fast? An interesting concept that would benefit from a more detailed plot line to hold it together.

FS Brown