Ghost of a Summoning – Wickwood Chronicles, Book 3

J. E.

Orphaned Aubrey Karle, owner of Relics antique shop in Wickwood, feels she needs to make some changes to get out of her rut. Roman Milone, demon hunter, is on a mission to stop an earth shattering hell-raising prophecy. Their instant attraction causes a tantrum from Aubrey’s ghostly companion, Finn; and worries her best friend, Stella. Roman has to contend with an always hungry demon child named Moe and a shady demonologist as he struggles with the dark prophecy he’s come to prevent. It’s soon discovered Aubrey has a psychopathic older brother who has summoned a major demon determined to bring forth an army from hell to destroy earth. Roman must find a way to protect Aubrey and vanquish a demon or he may lose his chance at love and the world comes to an end!

"Ghost of a Summoning" is a romantic tale with touches of humor, heroics, and horror, with edge of the seat drama, heart stopping action, and flights of passion that keep the pages turning! Main characters are relatable and interesting with spirited chemistry that slowly builds from the moment they meet. Supporting characters provide substance and some comical relief. Powers displayed by the employees of Liller Paranormal Investigation Agency are enthralling. Some readers may object to giving demons lovable traits; while others may not mind because of the pivotal and hilarious role in the story. The multiple villains provide need for worry, but aren't strong enough apart to summon real fear. Once again J. E. McDonald’s visit to Wickwood conjures up a paranormal tale of brave characters, pulsating passions, and some laugh out loud moments readers will find intriguing and irresistible! 

Tonya Mathenia