Ghost of a Gamble (ARC) – Wickwood Chronicles

J. E.

Zack Liller and his sister have been hired to research and certify the paranormal activity at the Granwin House, a haunted B&B hotel in the small town of Wickwood. Zack, a psychic paranormal investigator, is looking for a field assistant to hire for his sister’s firm. Bree Tisdale, insomniac, blogger, and Jane-of-all-trades, is on the hunt for another job to add to her eclectic resume and keep her from being evicted. Fate steps in, brings the two together, and a spooky on-the-job romance begins. Zack has to decide if he can risk trusting her with the secret of his psychic abilities. Bree must decide if she can take a chance and let him into her heart. Oh yeah and their investigation puts them both in mortal danger of the supernatural kind!

“Ghost of a Gamble” is a contemporary, gothic tale filled with sparkling wittiness, budding romance, thrilling suspense, and scary ghosts! The characters are intense and lively people who leap from the page with unique and interesting detail. Bree’s effervescent attitude and Zack’s tortured temperament combine to make a quirky, sexy, and intense love affair every reader will thoroughly enjoy. The haunted inn and the colorful townspeople are wonderful supplements to the plot. The drama of the past and the danger of the present will keep readers enthralled from the entertaining beginning to the nail biting end. Author J. E. McDonald’s debut novel delivers a story chock full of haunting suspense, humorous dialogue, scintillating love scenes, and intriguing characters. The town of Wickwood and its supernatural happenings are a sure bet to draw in readers, make them fans, and keep them coming back for more! 

Tonya Mathenia