Ghost of an Enchantment – Wickwood Chronicles, Book 2


Stella and Lucas meet in a popular Wickwood pub and are immediately drawn to one another. Receiving a panicked call from her best friend Aubrey, Stella believes a strange ring from Aubrey’s antique shop is a portal to another dimension allowing mischievous entities to escape. Officer Lucas runs into Stella again after answering a string of strange break-in calls and a neighbor’s noise complaint. Believing Stella is involved in the strange happenings Lucas feels an overwhelming urge to protect her. Raised by her grandmother to be leery of police, Stella tries to deny her attraction to Lucas. They must learn to trust each other when an evil escapee from the other dimension plans to sacrifice Stella to prolong his stay in this realm and complete his plan to rule the world.

Transporting readers to a thrilling romance filled dimension, "Ghost of an Enchantment" is a breath-stealing page turner set in the magical town of Wickwood! With characters that provide touches of humor and a plot filled with mystical intrigue, readers will be enticed to move in and peek from their windows in anticipation of what will happen next! The main character’s attraction to each other is undeniable. The secondary characters provide strong bonds and relatable connections. The dark and sinister suspense is meticulously crafted. Readers are lured into a world where magic is found everywhere and commands respect. This second installment to Ms. McDonald's Wickwood Chronicles is an exciting addition that can be read as a stand-alone with spooky suspense pulling readers into the wicked story involving unique characters leaping off the page with combustible passion and charming energy.

Tonya Mathenia