Ghost of a Beginning (Wickwood Chronicles)


After fleeing family drama, Grace Liller awakes on a train traveling across the U.K. The trip was on impulse, a secret, and no one save her best friend knows where she is. Stumbling into an available roommate situation, Grace meets Sam Thomas, and the sparks ignite. Sam is in a similar spot, having escaped his own family’s expectations for his future. But Sam and Grace share some unique traits—Grace can see people’s auras, even though she doesn’t believe in the paranormal. Sam does believe in ghosts, and when he’s not on a stakeout for his private investigator boss, he’s researching the rumored spirit haunting the apartment downstairs. Their physical attraction bursts into flames before Grace realizes this major disconnect in their belief system. Is it a deal breaker?

This story snags the reader from the first page and doesn’t let go! Fast pacing, vivid description, and emotional intensity build relatable characters, with breadcrumbs of mystery woven in along the way. The reason why Grace left home comes in bits and pieces, keeping the pages turning. Grace is a conundrum, possessing the ability to see people’s auras yet staunchly refusing to believe in the paranormal. Sam, on the other hand, is on an active ghost hunt for the landlord. Is it enough of an issue to keep them apart? Many questions remain: we yearn for more on the haunting, and for more reasons why Grace and Sam’s love may not survive. This is a tantalizing start to a series, and we hope to learn more in subsequent installments. An engaging and enjoyable, sizzling hot paranormal romance!

FS Brown