Forever After (Vampire Reality Show #1)

Ashley R.

Autumn’s unadventurous, routine life has started to weigh on her and is worrying her father. When the opportunity to join a dating game show to win Oliver, a vampire duke, presents itself, Autumn doesn’t hesitate. She knows she won’t win, but the experience will be exciting nonetheless. Having a horrible first encounter with Oliver isn’t what she expected, but neither is developing feelings for him. The coming-out of paranormal beings has put a dent in Oliver’s finances, to a point that he must agree to his friend Max’s dating show idea. The thing sounds absurd to Oliver, but the money will save his family’s estate and his people. He never dreamed the human contestant that hates him the most would turn out to be his true mate, nor that they’d have a murderer to catch.

This adorable, charming story adds a twist to vampire romance that is sure to leave readers thirsting for more. Autumn and Oliver’s relationship starts out rocky with hilarious banter, but the deep impact they have on each other and how good they are together builds page by page in a way that’s hard for readers to resist. Oliver truly cares about the people in his life and will stop at nothing to see them happy and taken care of. The growth Autumn experiences through their relationship is truly inspiring. Autumn brings light back into Oliver’s life and makes him truly feel alive again. Their growing relationship is wrapped up with a fantastic mystery and an air of suspense that keeps the reader flipping the page. This story is one of true growth, and love not to be missed.

Annalee Stilove