Fire Maidens: Venice (Billionaires & Bodyguards #7)


It’s possible to live the simple life even in a place as magnificent as Venice, or so Cara thought. As a wetlands ecologist, Cara cares more for the nesting grounds of migratory birds than for the politics of Venice’s shape-shifter Guardians. But destiny has other plans for her and her inner lion. Tony loves Venice and loved his job as a member of the Guerrieri, the elite force that protects the Guardians of Venice. But years of running from the murder sentence he hasn’t earned keeps him from his beautiful home until destiny intervenes. Can he follow his inner lion back to the people that want him dead? If he escapes again, can he leave behind the brave and beautiful lioness he’s just met - the one his lion calls ‘mate’?

Anna Lowe’s “Fire Maidens: Venice” is the seventh installment in her wild and wonderful Billionaires & Bodyguards series. Cara and Tony’s story works as a standalone, but a tantalizing wider world unfurls from their tale in all directions. This fast-moving story offers action, intrigue, and a double shot of desire as two fated mates fight to protect a girl with potentially powerful royal blood. Ms. Lowe’s skill with inner dialogue draws the reader in close for a well-paced, entertaining trip through the alluring Venetian landscape. A varied cast of shape-shifters populate this tale, but all except one are equipped with fairly standard traits. With that said, readers of the shape-shifter sub-genre will be pleased with the history and legends attached to those characters. This paranormal romance is a thrilling, steamy ride through a captivating landscape. This dreamy pair of destined mates are sure to please!

Starling Gray