Fire Maidens: Scotland (Billionaires and Bodyguards Book 6)


Holly and Lachlan are shifters who met and fell in love when they were incredibly young. Lachlan was always pushed by his father to be more like him and to forget about love. Both turned away from their real feelings as they were not ready to mate, even though they are soulmates. Lachlan disappeared and it broke Holly’s heart, but she went on with her life. Ten years later, she travels to Scotland for her mentor’s funeral and once again, Holly and Lachlan are face to face and cannot run from their feelings. Holly’s mentor left a last wish in his Will: for her to go on a journey, and Lachlan tags along.

“Fire Maiden: Scotland” is Book 6 in the Billionaires and Bodyguards series. The reader is drawn into the story from the very beginning as one learns the contents of a Will of a dear and close friend to many. Holly respects her mentor’s wishes and finds herself, along with former lover, Lachlan, on an adventure and journey of self-discovery. One will enjoy the constant action and attempts on Holly’s life, as Lachlan does his best to protect her. Anna Lowe did an excellent job in describing the beauty of Scotland during the characters’ journey, and the reader is able to picture every detail and scene. The chemistry between Lachlan and Holly is undeniable, and the couple steams up the pages. The author has created a very unique series with shifters, and a storyline that every reader will enjoy for the constant action, fight scenes, and the hidden secrets that are revealed in the story. “Fire Maidens: Scotland” is a shifter romance and part of a beautifully written series that everyone will enjoy.

Victoria Zumbrum