Fire Maidens: Greece (Billionaires & Bodyguards Book 8)


“Theo Lazaridis. Lover … or liar?” Zoe Thomas can’t believe her luck. The young archeologist has been deployed to the Greek island of Anemodonos to conduct artifact and botanical surveys. The gorgeously sunny locale feels strangely like home. A new awareness is coursing through her body. And handsome Theo, the fisherman’s helper, has captured her heart. With a chiseled jaw, broad shoulders, and a body hardened by years of military service, Theo awakens the senses like a cool swim in the gloriously azure Aegean Sea. Theo has been summoned to Anemodonos by his father, the Dragon Shifter Guardian of Greece. It is time for Theo to claim his inheritance. Theo hasn’t been able to tell Zoe about his true heritage, but he desperately wants to. His inner dragon hungers for Zoe and destiny whispers delicate promises into his ear. However, the Guardians have higher priorities than young love. A dangerous enemy threatens all magical creatures of Greece, and the Guardians need to find their lost Fire Maiden.

Smooth, evocative prose conjures up the ethereal Mediterranean islands and shifters, centaurs, and satyrs that are hiding in plain sight. Steady pacing complements the idyllic imagery and romance, until the tranquillity is broken in epic fashion by an astounding action sequence that shakes up the sleepy island. Enchantment has never had such a daring and quick-learning champion as the Fire Maiden of Greece! Readers who have the slightest interest in dragon shifters, mythological creatures and magical enchantment will be charmed by what is within these pages. Without a doubt, new readers will be eager to pick up the other books in the series.

Joan Lai