Finding the Rogue (The Sky Pirate Trilogy Book 1)

Anna Applegate
and Angela Sanders

STEAMPUNK: Lady Ainsley Lilstrum, daughter of the Duke and Duchess of Rookhallow Proper, has yearned for adventure in the skies, where pirates battle for riches. She never expected a family tragedy and the sudden manifestation of magic powers to make it imperative that she seek her future away from home. In disguise, she looks to hire a pirate to help her find a man and meets Killian Flynn, Captain of the Phantom Saber. Killian knows who Ainsley is and decides to make a bargain with her. What neither expects is to have a half-human, half machine pursue them, along with the Royal Navy. Of greater importance, though, is the need for Ainsley to gain control over her magic skills before she destroys Killian's ship! Killian knows he's bitten off more than he can chew, but Ainsley burrows under his skin quickly, and he will do whatever it takes to protect her. But helping Ainsley reach her objective many only be the beginning!

"Finding the Rogue" tantalizes with steampunk sky pirates, magic and romance! While Lady Ainsley has the spirit of adventure and Killian has the heart of a pirate, neither character seems fleshed out enough. The world building is intriguing, but a stronger foundation needs to be laid explaining the rules of the world and the political powers in control. Questions are raised, yet remain unanswered, and when it appears that Ainsley has found her man, the unexpected cliffhanger at the end leaves the reader feeling unfulfilled. "Finding the Rogue" is the first of a three-book steampunk adventure that has promise as an exciting series!

Tricia Hill