Festivities & Felines (A Holiday Anthology)

Candace Colt, Kira Nyte
and Abigail Sharpe

Set in the town of Cat's Paw Cove, Florida, this charming town and its numerous feline residents nearly steal the show! The infamous Sherwood cats are known for involving themselves in the lives of the townsfolk, and when they do, you can bet that all kinds of interesting and unexpected things will happen. Each story brings its own take to the town's magic, with romance at the core. There were some editing issues with repeated scenes in one tale, but this did not detract from the whole.

In "Multiple Blessings" by Candace Colt, a former air force pilot teams up with an aspiring photojournalist to find out the truth about his grandfather's plane crash during WWII. Thomas isn't prepared for ghosts, or his attraction to Casey Blessing. For her part, Casey has enough on her hands with talking cats and matchmaking dolls, and if that isn't plenty, she's beginning to wonder if she's falling in love with a ghost!

Next up is "A Fae's Wishmas" by Kira Nyte, in which Niera, a woodland fae, is living under a deadline and a curse. She meets Alistair who is tied to the sea. Since the sea drains Niera of her power, both resist the attraction between them. But a magical feline won't let them escape their destiny, and they will have to trust in one another to break their curses and find true love.

Lastly is "Chanukkah Melody for Two" by Abigail Sharpe. A story involving Chanukkah provides for a refreshing backdrop. At nearly forty and very much an introvert, Elayne Fico has given up on finding love until she takes piano lessons from Barly Pelfrey, a divorced father of two. In this heartwarming story, Elayne must learn to open herself up to the magic that romance brings and accept it for the gift that it is.

The magic of Cat's Paw Cove is entertaining. The level of magic to be found varies from story to story. Overall, "Festivities & Felines" will touch hearts and leave readers smiling!

Tricia Hill