Family Skeletons: A Paranormal Military Romance (Baker City: Hearts and Haunts Book 3)

Emily Josie

Sully lost her best friend in Afghanistan, and broke her leg. She continues to blame herself for her friends’ death and has incredible sex with a total stranger to forget the pain. Neither know the other’s name… and they run into each other again. Tate is a soldier in the Army and has been unable to forget the women who he shared a night of passion with. When he sees her again, Tate knows he cannot let her disappear. Sully and Tate learn their night of passion has resulted in her being pregnant.

“Family Skeletons: A Paranormal Military Romance” is a paranormal ghost romance that will leave the reader wanting more. Ms. Malone has created a unique world with ghosts and a town that believes in, and can see them. The reader will love all the characters and even the townspeople. All have their own unique skills and can communicate and see ghosts. One will enjoy the chemistry and constant bickering between Sully and Tate, and will love watching them fall in love as Sully learns to trust and let go. The reader may feel lost at times through the story when the ghosts show up and start talking and will not know right a way what is happening. Those scenes need to be clearer so the reader can follow them. Overall, this is an enjoyable read. “Family Skeletons: A Paranormal Military Romance” is Book 3 in the Baker City: Hearts and Haunts. The reader may want to read the previous books in order to enjoy this story even more, but it can definitely be read as a standalone. A must read for your fans of paranormal!

Victoria Zumbrum