The Family Cross (Circle Seven Book 1)


One day Matilda Ashby is heiress to her billionaire father’s accounting company and wondering what her future holds. Then she is suddenly thrust into a bizarre world of the unbelievable. She visits a den of werewolves, sees fae monsters die, encounters a demon, and learns someone—human or otherwise—took out a hit for her death. Fighting to stay alive, and one step ahead of the hired killers coming after her, Matilda hires Samson to guide her through this maze of monster madness and find the source behind the assassination rule. Samson is a half human telepath who likes cats. High tension soon creates attraction with Matilda and Samson….and being telepathic, he is privy to her every thought…

This urban fantasy earns high marks for creativity and clever wording. Readers shall be pleasantly surprised by the fast-paced twists and turns through the pages. The ease in which Matilda finds herself going from spoiled heiress to facing imaginary monsters come to life and the fact there are killers after her both seemed suspect. More disbelief could have added to the story’s believability. Also, the author’s style of placing her character’s reactions, actions, and thoughts in with other character’s dialogue lines seemed disconcerting and confusing. Lastly, the ending built up to a fantastic crescendo of suspense and hopefulness… and then dropped off as if the final pages had been ripped away, leaving the hoped-for HEA hanging in question. However, readers who like urban fantasies with fast action and lots of suspense, and tough, yet vulnerable, reluctant heroes and adaptable heroines tossed into a race against time do-or-die high stakes will enjoy this debut series start.

Emerson Matthews