Fall of the Centurio Immortalis: A Luke Irontree Historical Fantasy Romance (Luke Irontree & The Last Vampire War)

C. Thomas
HISTORICAL: Constantine the Great has ignored Lucius and his legion for 30 years. Now he is ordering Lucius along with Rome’s new allies, the Sarmatian and Marpesia, the chieftain across the border to stop the vampires driving the Visigoths to Rome’s borders. After Lucius’ mission is completed, the emperor no longer needs him and he is not to return to Rome. If he crosses the border, he will be killed. Marpesia, the beautiful chieftain of the Sarmatian is a very tough leader and her people follow her. Lucius and Marpesia are outnumbered but they must survive the winter and complete their mission.
“Fall of the Centurio Immortalis” is a historical fantasy romance filled with action, survival, friendship, and love. The vampires are different from how one sees them. It was a nice change to see a completely different take on vampire stories. There is a lot of action and suspense throughout the story, as the reader waits to see if they will be attacked and by whom. The reader will love the characters, Marpesia and Lucius, who are strong and compassionate warriors who fight with a passion for their people. One will love watching the slow courtship between them as they fall in love. Lucius is a complex character, who has lived a long time and fought a lot of battles and is afraid to fall in love again because one day he may lose them. A delightfully different vampire tale!
Victoria Zumbrum