A Fairy Godmother's Redemption - The Magicals Series, #4


Anticipating going to college, Drew’s life turns upside down when he becomes guardian to twin sisters he didn’t know he had! Sadly his emotionally distant mother kicks them out of her house and his girlfriend dumps him! Happily, his best friend’s family provides them shelter and he gets a new job. Beating the sophomore album curse and ready to rock her upcoming tour, Seraphina should be over the moon! Sadly fake tabloid pictures cause a PR nightmare. Wondering if a music career is worth the hassle and loneliness, finally, her fake PR romance with Drew starts to hit the right notes. Hoping to redeem a past failure; Fairy Godmother Faye, of Fairy Godmothers, Inc. swishes into Drew’s life. Fairy Godmother Rainy joins Seraphina’s staff to orchestrate some magical harmony. Will Fate allow two fairy godmothers to help their charges handle the poison apples in their paths?

As a unique riff on Cinderella, "A Fairy Godmother's Redemption" hits all the right romantic notes of a modern day musical fairytale sprinkled with heartache, passion, and a bit of Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo! Drew and Seraphina portray two young adults dealing with the wicked trials of life as they realize fairy tales come with work. Supplemental characters provide just the right amount of support and levity to be memorable additions to the tale. Villains both seen and unseen give readers a substantial reason to cheer for their downfall or to understand their pain. Author Maya Tyler tackles issues of abandonment, responsibility, ambition, and self-discovery with a fairy-dusted tale of two young people needing some magical assistance to synchronize their love song and provide redemption for a fairy godmother haunted by the past.

Tonya Mathenia