Enchanted Magic – The Thorne Witches, Book 10


Managing to keep her crush a secret from everyone, Mackenzie "Mack" Thorne has been enamored with Lord Sebastian "Baz" Drake for a while. Existing as a confirmed bachelor, Baz wonders if the bewitching Mack will bring an end to his loneliness. Unfortunately when Mack accepts his sister’s invitation to his family's home; her arrival sets off a prophesied awakening of an ancient evil. Entombed for two hundred years in an insidious garden on the Drake estate, Isolde de Thorne, known as The Enchantress, yearns to escape her prison and possess Mack to continue her reign of terror. The two lovers pray their blossoming love and the combined powers of their two families will be enough to destroy the awakened evil enchantress.

Reading like a romantic comedy possessed with a specter of darkness and some sizzling passion, "Enchanted Magic" doesn’t disappoint! Readers will be caught up in a spell filled with witty banter, double entendres, and wicked desires. If new to the magical series the beginning of the story may be a little confusing, but this isn’t enough of a distraction to keep readers from continuing. The humorous antics of Baz’s elderly aunt and butler, the mystical precociousness of the neighbor’s child, and the audacious meddling of a goddess are just a few of the magical enchantments seducing readers to turn the pages. Ms. Cromer manages to conjure up a dramatic tale of good versus evil that will take readers from a magical estate to a mystical underworld with lovers willing to risk life and limb for each other and those they love to destroy an evil bent on possession and devastation.

Tonya Mathenia