Embrace the Moon (Eternal Moon Series #4)


With his band, Open Road, and his werewolf form, Ethan has everything his heart desires. At least that’s what he thought until he comes face to face with the hauntingly beautiful Skyler. Now Ethan wants nothing more than to have the one thing he never knew was missing from his life, a woman of his own to love, more specifically, Skyler. The only problem is, she’s running like a bunny from a starving wolf. After experiencing how completely the lifestyle of fame and fortune can destroy someone and their family, there is zero way Skyler is getting mixed up in that. Besides, she has no time for a serious relationship with all the work she does. She’s always been good at guarding her heart, but somehow Ethan’s charm manages to slip past her barriers, which both thrills and terrifies her.

An emotionally healing story filled with love that is sure to soothe the soul like a swoon-worthy country love song. Ethan is a surprising werewolf filled with happiness who has a heart of gold. His protective instincts towards Skyler are clearly present, but his dedication to finding out what makes her happy, and why she is afraid, is truly captivating. Readers will find his upbeat friendly personality as hard to resist as Skyler does. The way in which Skyler allows herself to be healed is remarkable. The courage she shows in order to be with the man she has fallen for is nothing short of heartwarming. All this is wrapped in a paranormal world so beautifully written it’s easy for the reader to get swept away.

Annalee Stilove