Edge of the Woods – Moonrise, Book 1


On the way to his new job as deputy sheriff in Pine Grove, Montana, Leland Sommers almost runs over a naked young man. Delivering him to the town’s clinic, he meets the cute and sexy Preserve Director. Haley Fern has only been director and alpha for about a year, and she must keep the new sheriff in the dark about her pack. Flirting with their mutual attraction, Haley and Leland must work together tracking the “wild animal” responsible for attacking young Diego and killing a photographer. Keeping her pack a secret becomes a difficult dilemma as her feelings for Leland grow. When he's faced with accepting Haley’s dual nature, Leland must put aside his feelings of betrayal or watch the woman he’s come to love lose a fight to the death with rogue werewolves.

From the tire squealing beginning to the howling alpha conclusion, "Edge of the Woods" clamps down on the reader's attention and refuses to let go! The suspense of shifting secrets, ravenous rogues, and dangerous desires launch from the page with energy and authenticity. The love scenes between Haley and Leland are steamy romps filled with heart thumping excitement. The brilliant descriptions of small-town living and the majestic countryside of Montana draws readers in to hear the latest gossip right before they head out to the lake for a bout of fly fishing or skinny dipping. The plot has a few twists and surprises to keep readers on edge and turning the pages. Ms. Kelley has managed to deliver a tale baying with real world issues, subtle LGBTQ inclusiveness, empowered women, and oh yeah, werewolves are real. Woof!

Tonya Mathenia