The Duke is Wicked (League of Lords Book 3)


HISTORICAL: Sebastian Tremont has a secret - he wears two faces. On the outside he is the upstanding gentleman, known as the Duke of Ashcroft, but to his small circle of friends, he is known as a fire-starter. Yes, Sebastian does light many things on fire, and sometimes his behavior causes things to get burned. When Sebastian meets Miss Delaney Temple there is much animosity between them, but also a great deal of attraction. Sebastian must not only fight his true nature, but he needs to find the perfect duchess to give him heirs. He knows Delaney is totally wrong for him, but he still wants her. Delaney plans to observe Sebastian closely, but she also has an ulterior motive that could destroy him and everyone he holds dear.

“The Duke is Wicked” is a romantic story that masterfully combines Regency and paranormal together! The verbal banter between all the characters is intriguing, which keeps the story fairly interesting throughout, and the sexual tension between Sebastian and Delaney helps further the plot. Unfortunately, the story drags a bit at times with so many things going on that it is difficult to follow the storyline. Sebastian, the tortured, angst-filled hero is difficult to like and even harder to relate to in some instances. Delaney, the intelligent heroine, is a little bit better and much more likable and relatable. Watching the couple develop their relationship is captivating. Flaws aside, the book manages to be an entertaining story that readers will find gratifying!

Roslynn Ernst