Dream Rider (Dream Weavers #3)

Kimberly Dean

Zane Oneiros is a dream weaver, and with this, he has the ability to enter someone’s dreams and influence what happens in them. Out of curiosity, Zane decides to enter Emily Hutchin’s dream. Their relationship has only ever been platonic. They do work together after all. But his curiosity gets the better of him, and his desire to know if they could ever be more than friends causes Zane to become a bit reckless in her dream. After this, things begin to unravel rather quickly. Emily is suddenly having a hard time sleeping, and she begins acting out of character, doing things she never usually does such as belly dancing and axe throwing. Zane can only hope it’s due to her becoming more outgoing and ambitious, but he has a feeling there is a lot more to it than that.

“Dream Rider” is a super fun slow-burn paranormal story that is enthralling from beginning to end.  The dialogue between the characters is fantastic and while it can be very amusing and entertaining, there are also some tender moments and super steamy scenes. Ms. Dean does an excellent job of building up a world full of paranormal components that make this book incredibly unique, fast paced and very engaging. Readers will be on the edge of their seats toward the end of story with a plot twist that they won’t see coming. With preternatural elements, steamy romance scenes, and dangerously thrilling moments, “Dream Rider” is one readers won’t want to miss! 

Jennifer Shepherd