The Dragon of Sedona (The Treasure of Paragon Book 4)


Three centuries later and Alexander, an immortal dragon, still has every memory perfectly etched into his mind of his murdered wife, Maiara, an indigenous and magical healer. When his estranged siblings show up with a shocking family secret of potential danger they soon discover that Alexander has a few secrets of his own. In retelling Maiara’s story, Alexander hopes to finally move on, but instead finds that her immortal hawk may not only be a connection to the past but holds the key to a possibility of a future Alexander never could have imagined. With an evil demon hunting magical beings, the siblings must decide whether to stop hiding and face the beast or continue to live separate amongst the humans.

Genevieve Jack’s fourth book in the series will draw the reader into a world of dragons, witches, magical healers, and even evil fairies. This novel is a paranormal lover’s paradise! While the story can be read as a standalone, it was a bit overwhelming at times with how much backstory was needed to understand the siblings and their relationships to each other and their mates. Jumping between the different time periods was well done and an integral but exciting part of the story. Discovering who Alexander and Maiara were, both separate and together, created a fantastic and exciting journey while watching them find a connection that would last forever. The magic and suspense will keep the reader turning the pages until the very end. This series is a must read!

Marie Sanderson