Dial Witch (Dial Witch Trilogy Book 1)

Jo-Ann Carson
Jane Black is in trouble. She has been performing spells, reading tarot cards and other magical things in her small town. People are angry at her when her spells backfire, and she is having trouble dealing with it. All she wants to do is make life better for people. That isn’t easy when a dragon shifter appears and is giving her problems. Leos has been around the block so many times. The witch is being really troublesome, and he needs to make her see reason. As they work toward their goals, their feelings for one another become deeper, and it seems there may be more on the horizon for both of them than they initially thought. The question is whether or not Jane and Leos can get through everything and stay together.
Jo-Ann Carson has written an amusing first novel of the “Dial Witch” trilogy. The dynamic between Jane and Leos is electric, and plenty of amusing dialogue flashes between the two. The sexual tension builds and when it finally explodes, it is searing hot. Some scenes could benefit from a bit more description and might flow more smoothly, but, other than that, this is a brilliant read that is a lot of fun. The variety of characters really brings the book together, and their relationships are expertly written. As the beginning of this series, the book can also work as a standalone. However, it will be great to see where the series goes and to read more from this talented author.
Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick