Destiny’s Rogue (Blood Rogue Book 3)

Linda J.

Cordell Stuart wanted to help his daughter, Kayla. What he didn’t want was to create Nirvana, a substance that makes a new breed of rogue vampires that he would have to help other vampires eradicate. He’s turned by Queen Samira Anai Se-Bat, and she charges him with finding a cure for Nirvana, and he makes her promise to help save his daughter. With the war brewing – thanks to Samira’s brother, Anti, it is a race against time to prevent the world from being swallowed by violence. Cordell and Samira find their feelings deepening for one another, and this adds to their task. If they are going to be happy together, they have to bring something that resembles peace back to the supernatural world.

Wow. Lina J. Parisi has created some amazing characters that readers will love and hate throughout this book. There is a need for Samira and Cordell to get their happy ever after and for their kind to find peace. “Destiny’s Rogue” is the true definition of a page turner, and one that could easily be read in one sitting. It should come with a warning it’s just that good! If this is the first book in the series being read, there will be a need to go back and read the other books from the series by this talented author who writes in such a way that the words reach off the page and grab the reader in a tight hold, not letting go until the final page is read. Fantastic!

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick