Designed by Destiny

Nicholas Grey is an architect and the CEO of the family firm. He needs to land a prestigious project to save the company. Bethany Clarke is a first-year intern at the same architectural firm, determined to put her career first. At a convention in Las Vegas, Nick persuades Beth into a pretend engagement to mask his reputation and win a major contract. They wake up the next day married to each other, and Nick has to persuade Beth again to maintain the ruse or lose the contract, and his position as CEO. Step in fairy godmother Faye to save the day by acting as their publicist to help them along. During the course, they start to develop real feelings. But outside forces are trying to keep them apart.
A sweet romance which has an intriguing and dramatic start. Yet, it jumps through several storylines and timelines making it difficult for the reader to follow. The story starts from Beth’s point of view, only to be re-wound and repeated from Nick’s. It is then flung into a backstory of the fairy godmother which has no correlation to the story. Is it a contemporary romance? Is it a fairytale? What is the relevance of the fairy godmother and her backstory? There is little progression or depth to the characters, and their situation and feelings are unconvincing. There are several antagonists which throw the story into further disarray. It would work better if the focus was on one clear storyline, letting the characters develop and the story follow a natural and enjoyable path to its conclusion.
Rika Chandra