Daughters of the Sea


Runa Brandon has left a toxic relationship to begin a new life in the town of Departure Cove, Oregon. Asta, her mother, is all for Runa starting fresh, but believes Departure Cove is the wrong place for her to be. Too many secrets lie in that old town. Runa soon finds out her new town is laced with secrets and strange occurances. But it’s also home to Chase Everwine, who quickly sweeps her off her feet. Once she sees Everwine Manor, Chase’s family mansion, things make less sense and give Runa more questions than answers. Soon she learns Departure Cove holds the key to her past, and as she uncovers each secret and lie, she realizes her mother was right: only danger and deception can wait for her at Everwine Manor.

Wow. This is one unique, twisted tale, full of turns no one will see coming. The book tells dual storylines of Runa and Chase, and further back, to Brynja, an early Daughter of the Sea, and her husband Thomas. The pacing and occcasional background information dump sometimes causes the pace to drag, and be warned, the story does not end with a happily ever after conclusion. Some plot devises were hard to believe despite this being fiction, and characters did not always react in believeable ways. However, wrongs are righted, and good prevails, just not necessarily romance. Readers who like suspenseful, twisty tales full of secrets, with a touch of paranormal, a dash of spooky, and great characterization will enjoy this book.

Emerson Matthews