Dark Wine at the Circus (A Hill Vampire Novel, Book 5)


Henry Bautista, two-hundred-year-old vampire and one of the Founders of The Hill, is giddy as a school boy because the circus is coming to town. Henry has harbored a deep love of the circus, the tiger act in particular, since he was a human. He even became a silent owner to help keep Circus Garza alive. Cerissa, Henry’s mate, is less than pleased when she sees the tiger show, but has a hard time getting Henry to see her viewpoint. When the tiger trainer in injured, Henry insists on assuming his new persona, Enrique, to keep the act going, but with protesters galore on site and life-threatening incidents happening behind the scenes, Cerissa fears for Henry’s safety. Will the investigative forces from The Hill, spearheaded by Tig and her mate be able to figure out what’s going on before someone gets killed?

Meet your new guilty pleasure! As the fifth book in the series, readers will enjoy it far more if they’ve read the previous ones, as many of the details will not be as clear otherwise. Engrossing and enchanting from the first page, readers will enjoy seeing how Cerissa and Henry’s relationship continues to evolve. This book contains a fair amount of LGBTQ themed content, as Marcus, The Hill’s attorney, and his mate Nicholas, move more center-stage. The mystery behind the goings-on at the circus will keep readers guessing, and the author’s attention to detail about the circus-workings are truly interesting. Engrossing and intriguing from the first page, “Dark Wine at the Circus” is not to be missed!

Piper Valentine