Dark Moon Falls: Cooper


Cooper Bennet returns to Dark Moon Falls to attend the funeral of his grandpa, whom he lost to a sudden illness. Even though Cooper grew up there, he hasn’t returned home in over eight years. He joined the military right at the end of high school, shocking everyone, leaving his pack, and more importantly, Kassidy, with no explanation. The return of Cooper brings back all of the hurt Kassidy had sworn she buried deep, but having him around, staying in the ranch house where she also lives, stirs up all kinds of feelings. When strange things start happening around the ranch, Cooper and Kassidy will have to learn to work together to figure out what’s going on, and hopefully, clear up the past and start a new forever.

The cooperative world of Dark Moon Falls is one that is sure to delight any lover of the paranormal romance genre. This newest installment from the talented Susan Griscom will pull the reader back into the town where wolves, witches and humans live in harmony. The chemistry between Kassidy and Cooper is simply scintillating. The mystery will have the reader trying to solve the whodunit before the end. One can’t help but feel sorry for Cooper as the real reason why he left is explained, and fingers are crossed for Cooper and Kassidy to work things out. The only drawback of this story is that it is so short! Due to its length, not many things are explored in-depth, yet overall, it doesn’t detract from the story; one will simply wish that there was more! A delightful, quick read from start to finish.

Piper Valentine