Dance of the Mourning Cloak


Chase Bishop can read auras, but he can’t predict the future and did not expect to come home and find his sister murdered. But now, here he is, on the run. He finds himself in the middle of nowhere where he’s suddenly sideswiped by a car. Thankfully it isn’t someone out to get him, but the owner of the car is the delightful Melinda Bradley. She understands his pain of losing his family as she has lost her own. She helps nurse him back to health, but whoever killed his sister is now after him and Melinda as well. Not willing to back down from a fight, Melinda joins Chase in trying to discover who is behind the murders. But there is a twist, what do the ghost encounters have to do with this?

This is exactly the type of book one should read on a rainy day, cuddled under a blanket, with a dog at their feet. It has just the perfect mix of romance, suspense, and the paranormal. Some of the paranormal plotlines felt a little incomplete, but it did add a nice eerie thrill! The main characters are wonderful and had amazing banter. It is clear that they have chemistry right off the bat! Their family histories are very tragic, and the author does a wonderful job at connecting their stories. There is one thing that is completely admirable, and that is their trust in one another. So many stories play the betrayal or miscommunication card, but this one showcases trust and respect. There is so much to enjoy in this suspenseful novel!

Amanda Hupe